Supporting foreign nationals and international businesses in Japan

Welcome to the Group Portal Page for the June Advisors Group.

The June Advisors Group is a group of bilingual professionals dedicated to assisting foreign individuals and international businesses with visa, incorporation, consulting, staffing and other related procedures in Japan. In the center of our group is a joint legal office, comprised of members who have been leading the Japanese visa and business setup services scene in Japan, and a consulting firm providing market entry consultation, business matching, recruitment and other services. We strive to provide attentive, efficient, professional and personalized services to find the most suitable solution for you.

Let us do what we do best, to support you to do what you do best.


Visa Services

Our licensed, bi-lingual Immigration Lawyers certified by the Japanese Government can help you to find the optimum visa solution for each case.

Our standard services include visa consultation, coordination and preparation of application related documents, Japanese translations of standard documents provided in English, submitting the actual application on your behalf at the Immigration Office, following up on the status of your application and receiving the result on your behalf.

An experienced group of visa professionals handling roughly 500 visa applications per year.

Business Setup and Incorporation

We are specialized in assisting international businesses and foreign nationals with the setup of their offices and entities in Japan.

Our bi-lingual consultants and licensed legal advisors have the knowhow to smoothly navigate international clients into the Japanese market, as we are familiar with the common issues relating to the difficulties in obtaining bank accounts, securing offices, finding accommodation, securing personnel and fulfilling visa-related requirements.

Our close ties with partnering tax accountants, patent attorneys, legal scriveners, litigation lawyers and other licensed specialists allow us to introduce appropriate specialists according to your needs.

Currently supporting the establishment of roughly 100 companies and branch offices in Japan each year.


We provide a wide range of business consulting services to our clients.

We can create a roadmap and strategic marketing plan for your business, to outline and advise on the ideal steps for your business, the partners you should be working with and ways of selling your products or services.

We can also help by offering consulting for marketing and advertising, sales, business introductions and networking. We work with you, analyze your products or services and come up with ideas and proposals that will help you to grow in the market.

Business Licenses

Some business areas in Japan require a business license to operate in.

Common examples are: Distribution/selling of alcohol, cosmetics, medical products and used items (second-hand products), operation of restaurants, bars and cafes, recruitment, temporary staffing services, operating real estate agencies and travelling agencies.

We are able to assist you with the applications for various business licenses.


As a licensed recruiting company in Japan, we can help you find, hire and keep the best personnel and management staff you need to grow your business.

We offer a range of Executive Search and Recruiting services based on your needs, from finding a country manager to offering consulting advice on how to use social media and networking to attract the best people.




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